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House of the Future in the Cloud

Sustainability and social responsibility at the Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações, with a contribution from the Fundação Portugal Telecom.

Since its inception, the Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações (FPC) has played an active and important role in fostering and disseminating projects and technological solutions which promote all kinds of social inclusion.

The FPC and Fundação PT are also equally committed to the continuous process of finding, developing and spreading new solutions for accessing telecommunications that are increasingly designed and adapted for people with special needs.

Therefore, together with the Fundação PT, the FPC aims to contribute more fully to attaining these goals, introducing and enabling its many visitors to the House of the Future to experience new technological solutions which allow senior citizens and those with special communication needs to improve their autonomy and quality of life.

There are many reasons why this latest version of the House of the Future, which is sponsored  by the Fundação PT, can be seen as a continuation of a project that is constantly adapting and evolving to give the public a considered and realistic glimpse into a more sustainable near future.

History of the House of the Future….

As the home is a place of sharing where the members of the nuclear family perform a great multiplicity of individual and collective activities, it is a matter of increasing necessity that the infrastructure and contents that support daily life discover ways of converging with services outside the domestic realm, such as education, employment, medical assistance and collective interaction.

Thus, to the concepts of connectivity, interactivity, inclusivity and sustainability that characterised the modular evolution of the House of the Future, a project completed in 2003, was added the concept of convergence in 2011, thus creating House of the Future version 5.0. This version made it possible to demonstrate the effect of convergence brought about by adapting the home automation management and security platforms, to improve the operability of various points of the house, by unifying various telecommunications equipment via a common interface, by exchanging information via customised services, and by converging grouped and shared contents via a single access profile.

As a result of the development that current society is undergoing, a product of the rapid evolution of electronics and information systems, there has been an increasing rise in people’s expectations in terms of comfort, safety, resource management and reliability of communications.

The architecture and decor of the house itself adapts conceptually, turning its livability and usability into an example of “spatial convergence”.

The exhibition can only be visited in the company of a guide from the Educational Department. To book a visit, consult the section on Useful Information. You can also join a guided visit without booking on the following days: Mon., Thurs. and Sat. at 4.00 pm.

  • 19 Maio, 2014 - 17 Maio, 2017