Iconographic Archive

The initial section of photographs and negatives in the Iconographic Archive used to be part of the documental heritage of the CTT Museum, even though it did not have a specific area dedicated to photographic documentation. Today, the Iconographic Archive is part of the PCF's Documentation and Information Centre.

Iconographic Collection

The collection consists of diverse iconographic documentation from the former company CTT – Portuguese Post and Telecommunications. The theme is essentially related to the field of post and telecommunications and communications in general. The collection consists of a total of 35,000 items, ranging from photos and slides, to maps, engravings, posters, drawings and video cassettes.
Englobing the end of the 19th and flowing into the 21st, these documents attest the evolution of the sector, the arising of new means of communication, the creation and development of postal and telecommunications services and technological innovation.

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