Historical Archive

The Historical Archive, once part of the CTT Museum (Postal Services Museum), was incorporated into the documental heritage of the PCF's Documentation and Information Centre when it was created in 1997. Its origins lie in a decree issued on the 18th of October, 1950, setting out the creation of a “Storage Archive – Historical Archive” and an “Office of Historical Research” under the control of the General Postal, Telegraphs and Telephones Administration, headed by Godofredo Ferreira.
Godofredo Ferreira became an inescapable author on communications by pioneering research on documental sources and publishing monographs and articles that were fundamental for the sector’s history and by collecting and compiling the Historical Archive's entire 18th century collection.

Documental Collection

The Historical Archive's documental collection incorporates artefacts provided by the General Postal, Telegraphs and Telephones Administration, Anglo-Portuguese Telephone and APT/TLP. The evolution of the postal and telecommunications services is very evident in the collection’s administrative and technical documentation. This documentation also shows how the services became part of institutional life, mainly from the 19th century onwards.

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