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The mission of the Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações (FPC) is to promote the study, preservation and dissemination of historical, scientific and technological heritage in the field of communications as well as undertake research, cooperation and image-related activities whose purpose is to disseminate the sector's historical evolution and new technologies.



The FPC aims to become a nationally and internationally-recognised cultural and scientific institution, actively engaged in promoting citizenship, literacy, knowledge and social inclusion.

As a place where the past, present and future of communications interweave, the FPC is a platform for innovation and experimentation on the new technologies and their impact on the organisation and daily existence of people and societies.



Set up by public deed on 6 October 1997, the Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações comprises the following founding members: ICP - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM), CTT - Correios de Portugal and Portugal Telecom.

The FPC is a private not-for-profit institution deemed to be of public interest by decree published in the Diário da República, Serie II, no. 250 of 26 October 1999, and exempt from tax under Article 10 of the IRC by decree of the Minister for Finance of 8 August 2001. 

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