The Building

The Foundation is located in Rua D. Luís I in an area close to the river with strong historical links to the sea and industry and housed in a bulding constructed in the 1940s which was once the old H. Vaultier factory.

The building's restoration was the responsibility of a team of architects and engineers from Portugal Telecom who preserved the original façade, merely changing its colour from dark pink to bright yellow.

The work on the interior created large areas which were used for a museum, with permanent and temporary exhibition rooms, an auditorium, a multi-purpose room, training and meeting rooms, a library, a multimedia area, a shop, a cafeteria, and staff-access-only areas.

In decorating the interior rooms, use was made of high quality materials such as stone for the floor and sidings and wood for the walls. Steel, glass and plaster complement the range of finishings.

What has been created is a place where the past, present and future come together and cohabit in harmony for the benefit of the public in general and young people in particular.

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History of the Building

The building where the Foundation is located, created by the architect João Simões Antunes, was a factory and a Central of Telex before. Originally, owned by Instituto Superior Técnico (a Portuguese school of engineering), the building was sold in 1944, for the price of 645 000 escudos (the Portuguese currency at the time) to the company H. Vaultier. Vaultier transformed the three parts of the structure into a single one.

In 1946, when the works were finished, the owners of the building placed on the first floor, an iron warehouse for the construction industry, fire service and agricultural vehicles repair shops; on the second floor, the conveyor belts factories were on; and the third floor kept the hoses factory, an exhibition room and a cafeteria for 150 employees.

In 1970, the building gained a new block of three floors. At this time, it was already property of the General Postal Administration, Telegraphs and Telephones, that bought it in 1969 to Maxime Vaultier, for  27 000 escudos. In this structure, opened in 1973, a new Central of Telex was installed (this was part of a remodeling and development plan of the telex and gentex networks).

After the split between CTT and Telecomunicações de Portugal in 1992, the building was given to Portugal Telecom. Later on, the Portuguese Communications Foundation had inherited the building.