The Portuguese Communications Foundation (PCF) is the heir and safe-keeper of Portugal's extremely large and rich historical, scientific and technological communications heritage - a sector with over 500 years of history in postal services and 200 in telecommunications services.
The Foundation’s collection includes works of art and a vast collection of original drawings for Post Office stamps and postcards. It also integrates the Stamps of Portugal Collection, containing items dating back to 1853, as well as a collection of stamps from the former Portuguese colonies.

The heritage is grouped into three large collections: Postal, Telecommunications, and Art and Philately. The Collections are accessible both via the exhibitions at the Communications Museum and through the Digital Catalogues on the PCF website.

The Foundation's Documentation and Information Centre manages all of the PCF’s documental heritage, namely the Historical Archive, Iconographic Archive and Library.
The Library contains a vast collection of written heritage, the earliest volumes and documents of which date back to 1877.

One of the Foundation's ongoing missions is to further develop the Communications thematic towards a larger role in supporting research, education and other goals related to the history and technology of communications.
Works and documents can be consulted on the Foundation’s website (Digital Catalogues section), Europeana website and also on social media, in particular Twitter and Flicker.