Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações (FPC)

Portugal joined the celebrations of Girls in ICT Day 2017 by carrying out three main initiatives at Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações | Museu das Comunicações (FPC | MC).

FPC raised the awareness of companies and stakeholders about the importance of increasing the number of Woman in the ICT areas. The Portuguese Government and a good number of companies supported the initiatives performed. Some of them offered prizes to the schools challenge.

Along March and April schools and colleges were challenged to create digital works about two issues: “Being digital is a duty or a right?” and “How to protect personal data in the digital world?
Then, on the 2nd of April, all the digital works were appreciated through the Facebook.

On the 4th of May, it took place at FPC main building, a Debate about the above two issues, moderated by Margarida Sá Costa (General Secretariat of FPC and President of LIDE Mulher) and with the participation of a panel of people working in different ICT areas:
João Montenegro (Diretor de Produto – Academia de Código); Ella Nooren | International Business Coordinator & Nearshore Specialist – Boldint; José Carlos Ferreira | Administrador-delegado – OPEX and Patrícia Candeias (Co-fundadora do grupo de Facebook “Bring Tesla Giga factory to Portugal”).

At the opening session, the President of Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações, Luís Andrade, emphasized the participation of the schools and colleges in the competition raised by FPC and their presence in the debate. He brought out the importance of increasing the number of Woman in the ICT areas and highlighted the fast developments in the Communication Sector.

Before the debate, the audience had the opportunity to watch some videos about ICT Girls and their different points of view and experiences related to the Day.

Then, different topics were discussed between the panel: the digital era we live in and its influence in the family life versus work environment; the ICT carriers: opportunities for woman; the Robotic developments; the interests of consumers, personal data protection and privacy, integrity and security of public communications networks, among others.

The final speech focused on the promotion of interaction and synergies between the Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações and the other entities towards the topic “Girls in ICT”.
Right after the debate, the schools and colleges competition winners were announced and the prizes (from the group of sponsors of the event) were delivered to the different age levels along with two special prizes: the most inspiring teacher and the most voted at the social netwok.

The Secretary of State for Infrastructures, Guilherme d´Oliveira Martins, closed the Girls in ICT Day 2017 with a video-conference speech.

The session was streamed live on web cast, and it had 300 views.