GIRLS IN ICT DAY 2015 | 23rd April 15 

Portugal joined the celebrations of Girls in ICT Day 2015 by carrying out two initiatives at Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações | Museu das Comunicações (FPC | MC).

Along March and April schools, colleges and universities created digital works about two issues: How are the girls and boys going to live in 2050? and Is digital everywhere? Then, all the digital works were appreciated through the Facebook and by a panel of judges.

On the 23rd of April, it took place at FPC main building, a Debate about the above two issues, moderated by Margarida Sá Costa (General Secretariat of FPC and President of Lide MULHER Portugal) and with the participation of a panel of people working in different ICT areas: Patrícia Fernandes (Marketing Director of Portugal Microsoft), Isabel Angelino (Journalist RTP – TV network), Ana Marta Carvalho (President of Women in Engineering Affinity Group) and Ana Gama (PT Pay Product Management Coordinator).

At the opening session, the Portuguese Communications Regulator – ANACOM, represented by Fátima Botelho, Director of the Board Support Department, emphasized the importance of increasing the number of Woman in the ICT areas and the big effort ITU has been doing to achieve this goal. It was also highlighted the fast developments in the Communication Sector, in particular in the mobile service network and the role of ANACOM in areas like regulation, rights and interests of consumers, personal data protection and privacy, integrity and security of public communications networks, among others.
Before the debate the audience had the opportunity to watch some videos about ICT Girls and their different points of view and experiences related to the Day.
The most important topics discussed were: the digital era we live in and its influence in the family life versus work environment; the ICT carriers opportunities for woman and the Robotic and its influence in the area of the public health It was also discussed the different national and international organizations that are motivating and inviting Woman to work on ICT areas.
At the end of the afternoon the schools and colleges competition winners were announced and the prizes (from the group of sponsors of the event) were delivered.
Then the President of Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações, Luís Andrade, closed the Girls in ICT Day 2015.