The main goal of the Museum’s Educational Department is to ensure a space where ideas can be born, thrive and shared with teaching staff and schools to produce activities adapted to learning curriculums and pupil’s needs. The Educational Department of the Communications Museum organises pedagogical programmes and thematic tours in the format of studios or workshops aimed at encouraging interaction with the museum pieces and interpreting the various exhibition sections, as well as establishing a genuine relationship between the public and the heritage on show. With the goal of interacting, establishing partnerships and sharing knowledge with school children of all ages, complementary curricular activities are also created.

Families have become an increasing focus within the Educational Department’s programme. There are many activities designed to strengthen communication between children and parents through inter-generational play and sharing which also encourages interpretation, learning and creativity.

To book a guided visit, studio, pedagogic workshop or project-based initiative, please use the following contacts:

Tel: 21 393 51 77

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