In fulfilling its goal of promoting and disseminating the study of the history of communications, the Foundation has come to publish various books. Some of these were produced in partnership with universities, others as a complement to the exhibitions held at the Communications Museum, and in some cases as a means to advertise its postal and telecommunications heritage.

With regard to informing the public about its activities, the Foundation has published the magazine “Códice” since 1998. Its purpose is to provide information about the activities of the Foundation and the Communications Museum, divulge studies and research and also to act as a forum for analysis of future trends in communications.

In 2004, “Códice” entered a new phase as an annual publication intended essentially as a vehicle for publishing studies in the field of communications and aiming at providing readers with information about current research.

The newsletter “Comunicando”, issued between June 2004 and December 2008, helped complement the goals of the PCF’s publicity programme.

Presently, the Foundation issues a regular digital newsletter with information about its initiatives, exhibitions and the various activities of the Communications Museum.

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